Weekly Summary Five

Wow! I can’t believe this was the last week of ds106! I can honestly say that when I signed up for this class I was very nervous because I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I am so glad I went with my gut feeling though. I had a blast with this class! Although, this class has a lot of work I definitely think it is manageable. I learned so much from this class that I probably never would of learned anywhere else. I would highly recommend this class to others because I think it was very beneficial to me. I was okay with using technology before but I think this class definitely helped me to learn more about technology and all the things it can do and all the things you can use it for. There were definitely some assignments I struggled with but I figured them out by either researching or just simply watching the provided videos and tutorials from them. My favorite thing of the class was probably doing the Daily Creates. I thought those were just really fun little things everyday to get your brain working! I am so glad I decided to take this class. I really enjoyed it!

On a side note, I had a really fun time creating my project! I loved this final! It really got your brain working in order to create a story of your own and then on time of that you had to incorporate different types of media in it that went along with the story. Very challenging but very fun!

Create An Assignment #2 (Bucket List)

Tutorial For My Assignment #2 (Bucket List)

Final Project!


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Week 5 Summary

Final Project

“Wait I was just born, where is everyone going!? Where are my mom and dad? Why am I being separated from them? Why don’t they want to stay with me?”

My life isn’t as great as most dog’s lives are. When I was born, my mother abandoned me. I was all alone in the cold and wet winter for several days, starving and so thirsty. Then someone found me and saved my life. Although they didn’t keep me, they took me to the SPCA.

The SPCA is not the best home for animals like me but it is much better than being stuck alone outside. They provide food for me, shelter, and playmates. Playing is my favorite.

After a month or so had passed, I began to think no one was going to adopt me. The SPCA was getting busy and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to me.

Adopt me poster

One day, after being in the SPCA for several months, seeing several families check me out but not any of them taking me, my dream came true. I was adopted. I was adopted by a family of four. They were awesome! Their house was huge! So many things for me to do! When they were gone, they even let me roam the entire house and I was always so happy to see them when they got home! I bet I looked just about as happy as these dogs, if not happier!

Then suddenly… they left me out all day long one day and forgot to give me food and water. I got very mad at them for this and was starving so, I began rummaging through all the trash trying to find anything I could to eat or drink. When I finished with the trash, I begin tearing up other things around the house that I could maybe eat.

When my owners got home, they were so mad at me. They began yelling at me and being extremely mean to me so I ran off into the wild, thinking things would be better out there.

Little did I know that living in the wild was much worse than having my owners be mad at me for a little. I was now all alone with no love, no food, and no playmates. Just me, myself, and the wild.

I guess maybe eventually someone may find me and take me back to the SPCA and my life there will start all over again.

Tutorial for My Assignment #2 (Bucket List)


This is a Tutorial on how to create your collage for my Assignment #2 (Bucket List).

Before actually starting anything you will obviously need to come up with four things that are already on your bucket list of that you want to be on your bucket list.

After coming up with four things for your bucket list, you will then need to create a collage.

First, after going to Be Funky, you will choose the tab that says templates.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.07.26 PM

After clicking on that tab you will then choose one of the tabs in the template section and select any type of template you would like for your bucket list pictures. Keep in mind you need AT LEAST four photos so choose a template that allows you to have four or more photos.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.08.21 PM

After selecting a template, if you do not already have photos of the places/things on your bucket list, you should go to Google and find them under images. Then you can upload them by clicking on one of your squares (or whatever yours are) and then hitting the plus button to add your photo that has been saved to your computer.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.21.51 PM

After uploading your pictures, you should click on the “Text” tab to insert text onto your photos.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.32.31 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.33.10 PM


After doing all of this, you are then ready to save your finished collage product. You will click the “save” button right above your collage and click “Computer.” Once you have done this, you are almost done with the assignment. You just need to briefly tell me why the things in your collage are on your bucket list!

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.39.38 PM

Create An Assignment #2

Bucket List

So… Everyone should have a bucket list. What’s on yours? For this assignment you should create a collage with AT LEAST four pictures of four different things you have on your bucket list. Add text to your picture of what or where it is. Then briefly tell us why it is on your bucket list. A good site to use for creating your collage would be Be Funky.

Here is Mine that I made and the reasons as to why I chose these for things for my bucket list.

Bucket List

Bucket List

  1. Climb a mountain – This is on my bucket list because I have always thought it would be neat to climb a mountain. My mom has down it before and she said it was such an awesome experience, which makes me want to do it even more.
  2. Visit all 50 states – I love to travel. I chose to add this to my bucket list because how cool would it be to visit all 50 states? I believe that this is very accomplishable and I think it is important to visit other states and see how other people live and what their environment/town/etc. is like.
  3. Run a marathon – I have always been a runner. I love to run. I played soccer for just about my entire life and I also ran track. Running is a stress reliever for me. I think it would be awesome to experience the joy, sweat and tears of running a marathon so I would like to do this
  4. Fly in a hot air balloon – I just simply think that doing this would be amazing. You would be able to see what things look like from up high. This is also something that just looks so relaxing and fascinating to me.

Weekly Summary Four

I feel that I completed this weeks assignments well. I really enjoyed creating my own assignment and making a tutorial for it. I thought it was pretty cool that I was able to make an assignment that other people are going to be able to do as I really enjoy doing the assignments others create. Hopefully they enjoy mine as much as I enjoy theirs. This week I learned about the many “theories” that Ebert believes in and what they meant. I thought that was pretty cool and I cant wait to watch a movie and try to see if I agree or understand why he believes those things. Something that gave me trouble this week was trying to analyze the scene clip I watched. I did not think that analyzing a film could be as challenging as it was. I really struggled with that but I gave it my best effort in trying to see everything. I do not think that I would necessarily do anything different that I have done this week. As with every week, I had a ton of questions at the beginning of the week and was very intimidated with some of the stuff we had to do this week. As I watched videos though and began completing the majority of the assignments, I began answering my own questions and understanding a lot better.

Reading Movies

Look. Listen. Analyze.

Video Assignments:

Video Assignment 1
Video Assignment 2

Create Your Own Digital Storytelling Assignments:

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Daily Creates:

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Comments on other blog post: I love commenting on others peoples blogs and providing them with feedback. A lot of my feedback is positive and sometimes I just nicely give them a suggestion of something they could do to maybe make their post slightly better. I also really appreciate those who comment on my posts. If it wasn’t for them some of my post wouldn’t be as good as they are and I would never know how well or not people like my actual posts. I believe that giving and receiving comments is such an important aspect in this class and believe it or not, I think it helps tremendously. On a side note, when we first started the class I thought that commenting on other peoples stuff was going to be annoying and didn’t really know why it was so important but I quickly learned how helpful it was and why it is so important.

Daily Create Cookies in a Light

Beach Lovin’

Daily Create: Magical Light

Magical Lights

Compilation Video

Hyperbolic Tiling

Hyperbolic Tiling


Look. Listen. Analyze.

Bruce Almighty

  • No sound
    • 6 or 7 different angles
    • Lighting was fairly normal, being that it was not really a sad or scary scene I would guess
    • The view during this scene did not switch often, I felt that I was pretty much always looking at it as a spectator
    • Referring back to Ebert article, I am starting to see why he believes in the “Rule of Thirds”
    • There were multiple transitions from different settings/backgrounds
    • I am not exactly sure I grasped the “looking for the ways the camera tells”
  • No picture
    • The pacing of the dialogue in the scene is pretty regular and normal pace
    • Gets faster when Evan talks in the weird voices during the news
    • Not really any sound effects in background, just Bruce making strange sound effects.
    • They used sort of a classical piece of music in the beginning
  • Sound and Picture
    • When watching it with picture and sound I realized they used the classical music to grab your attention into the news at the beginning
    • When watching it with both I could tell better as to why they changed angles or views when they did
    • When watching it with only sound I could kind of picture what they were doing or where they were at

I thought that this assignment was challenging but interesting to try and do as well. I did not notice a huge difference in things when minimizing one of my senses but there were definitely some things that you would be confused about without having sound and picture. I thought it was smart though to try and minimize one of your senses and see what you got out of it and then adding them both together and seeing if there was much difference or not. I think there was a slight difference but maybe not as big as a difference as one would think.

Reading Movies

I believe that John West’s idea of watching a film and stopping it at different points to observe it is a very smart approach to studying films. I know that if I was told to study a film that there would be no way I could study it just by watching it all the way through. I would need to pause it at different times throughout the movie and really focus on and try to see what is going on at that particular point. I think that the concept of “intrinsic weighting” in this article is very interesting. I would of never noticed or thought of this but now that it is brought to my attention I can see what they mean. The “Rule of Thirds” is very interesting to me. Never have I watched a movie and felt like the side of the setting people are on makes me perceive them differently. I definitely am going to start paying attention to that now though and see if I do begin to get these feelings. All of the rule of thumb concepts or beliefs are very believable. With that being said, I have never actually paid attention to those specific things while watching movies. I normally watch movies because they are good and I want to watch them but now I am going to re-watch some movies I have already seen and try to really focus on these things and see if I can understand why Ebert says and/or believes these theories to be correct.

One Point Perspective

            From watching this short film I learned how offsetting symmetry can be in a video. Not always was there immediate or shown danger in the very short clips in this video. Almost always though, I felt some sort of danger present. I didn’t always know exactly what it was but I always felt like some type of danger was there. I was actually slightly scared watching this video and I believe that because of the symmetry I felt this way. I definitely feel as if symmetry is used to put an audience at unease as Kubrick said.

2001 A Space Odyssey – match cut

By watching this video I learned about match cut. Before watching the video though I read that “match cut” is when two shots with similar compositional elements are joined. Then I was able to point out that in this particular video in order to show a “match cut” they used a bone as well as the space station. I have always noticed this in previous movies I have watched but I never knew that it actually had a name. I learned today that it does have a name and not only do I now know the name of this technique, if you would, but I also know what it is.

Video Assignment Two – RGIII Highlight Reel

Highlight Reels

Description of Assignment: Channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athlete, set some music, and add an intro.


In order to create this assignment I used Quick Time and iMovie which already come previously downloaded to Macs. I got all of my videos from Youtube.

First after finding all of my videos, I had to upload them to Clipgrab in order to put them into Quick Time.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 7.41.12 PM

Once they were uploaded to Clipgrab I was able to save them to my desktop and drag them into Quick Time.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 7.53.12 PM

Once all of my videos were in Quick Time I was able to trim them. You simply just move the yellow box either in or out until you have selected what you want to be trimmed or in the video.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 7.51.40 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 7.51.46 PM

Once all the trimming was complete I put my video into iMovie and added a song by downloading it from an MP3 and saving it to my desktop then inserted it into iMovie.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 8.40.59 PM

I also was able to add an intro to my video through iMovie. They had a bunch of intro slides, if you would, to choose from and then you just insert your own text.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.18.20 PM

And that was it! Here is my highlight reel I created..

I chose this Video Assignment because it kind of fed off my other Video Assignment I created. I said then that my second favorite sport was football. So now, I chose to create an entire video of my favorite football player RGIII.

I love RIII. I think that he seems to be not only a great athlete but also a great person on and off the field. I chose a few of my favorite plays that he has made during his time in the NFL and put them all into one video. I tried to choose a few different kinds of plays to put in the video as long as they were good ones. I believe this video all together shows the success that RGIII has had in the NFL even though some people think that he has really not been as special as they thought he would be. I chose the song “All I Do is Win” because I thought it was appropriate and fitting for a video on an athlete and their plays.

This Video Assignment is related to the concept of digital storytelling. This is because it is a video that tells a story of RGIII.s success in plays he has made. It could also tell a story of RGIII’s time in the NFL.


Video Assignment One – Sports is What I Love

What Do You Love?

Description of Assignment: Choose something that you love and make a video of it! You can take pictures or videos and combine them into one final video. Try to find music that has to do with the thing you love and add it to the video. Make sure to add a title and give credit to those outside sources.

In order to create this assignment I used a website called Stupeflix. This website made it very easy to complete this assignment. I highly recommend using it not only for this assignment but for anything were you would like to create a video using photos.

First, I just clicked Add and then clicked the “add photos and videos” button which aloud me to choose either from things already saved to my computer or I could browse their library of pictures/videos.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 9.23.05 PM

Next, after uploading all of the photos I wanted to be in my video, I clicked the “add audio” button and chose whatever song I wanted off youtube and saved it to my computer and then took it from my files and uploaded it. You can also search their library of songs. After doing this I clicked on the “Themes” button in the top right and found a theme I wanted. After finding the theme, my video was complete! Super easy and fun! (Link under picture to video)

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 9.23.30 PM

So here it is!!!


I chose this assignment because I thought it would be pretty fun and interesting to do. I also figured it would be challenging considering I have never really made a video this way.

I chose to create my video for this assignment on sports. I incorporated a ton of sports into this video, of course having my three favorite sports be the first three pictures shown in the video. The others after that are in no particular order. I chose soccer as my first favorite because I have played it all my life and it has always played a big role in my life. Soccer has taught me so much. My second favorite sport I chose was football. I love this sport because there is never really a dull moment. Just about every second is interesting and that interest me. Also, all the plays and runs that are made are very cool to see. My third favorite sport I chose was baton. I twirled baton from the time I was two all the way until I graduated high school. I know coach baton. Some people may not consider this a sport, but I beg to differ. It is definitely a sport and we compete against others just as in other sports. The song I chose to go with this was “Don’t Stop Believing.” I thought that this was an appropriate song to go with a sports video because when you are an athlete you can never stop believing.

This particular Video Assignment is related to the concept of digital storytelling. This is because I created a video that tells a story of not only my three favorite sports but also of just about all sports I could think of.